Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.     (Mother Teresa).


– Desiree Panlilio


There’s a popular saying “nothing is more important than family”. It’s the most important aspect of many people’s lives and the foundation of human civilization. Despite its importance, we often don’t spend enough time with our families as we should. For us as parents life becomes hectic, sometimes chaotic and our work commitments often keep us from spending time with our teen. However, it is so important to take time and to spend time with our teen. Time is the one thing we as humans can never give back and it is the greatest gift we can give to anyone. Giving our time to others is a way to show them that we care, that they matter and they are who we want to spend time with. For our teens they feel that having their parents show up and spend time with them is a key element in the teen trusting the parent and developing a relationship with their parent.
And the most important part of spending time with your family is communication, this builds the relationship.

Capturing the moment and spending time with your teen creates a bond that is not easily broken. It also provides emotional support to our teens. To teens, emotional support means they can talk to their parents about challenges, and expect parents will respond in a non-judgemental way. Parents will then help their teen navigate the challenge and help their teen develop the crucial thinking skills and communication skills to successfully navigate the challenge.
As well the idea of capturing the moment is about companionship. Companionship involves spending quality time together and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. This could be listening to music, hiking, dinner or watching a movie. All of this can build trust and create moments where our teen shares information about their life and we are there to listen and support.

Lastly, capturing the moment is a time for parents to role model behavior for your teen and to have a discussion about rules, expectations and boundaries. Remember all that time you have spent capturing the moment and building the relationship makes it easier for your teen to accept the rules and expectations you as the parent set for as the opportunity to share the reasons behind them are clearly explained in the many moments you and your teen spend together.

Our relationship with our teen is loving, nurturing and well meaning. However, like every relationship we need to make sure we take time to be with our teen. TO let them have that safe space with us where they can share what is going on in their lives and that we are there to help them gain the life skills they need to be successful in the world. The teen years are that transition between the young child and the young adult. It is a period of immense growth that we as parents must make sure we are a key member of.