Group Coaching


Sometimes the best way to grow and learn is by growing and learning with others. Group coaching sessions offer a social back-and-forth between teens on similar journeys, who are looking to learn similar skills. There’s something comforting and motivating about hearing others’ experiences and seeing peers apply knowledge and tools to achieve success. The goal of group sessions is to have teens experience tailored tools and real insights that can be applied in a supportive environment in real time, between real peers.

1:1 Coaching


The demands and challenges teens face are unique to their perspectives, situations, and outlooks—it’s a different experience for everyone. What may be challenging to one person may be a navigable breeze for others. One-on-one coaching provides an opportunity for teens to speak openly and honestly about their perceptions and obstacles. Topics that often arise include struggles in social groups through challenging, confusing friendships or navigating situational pressures. While the tools for in-depth discovery and conversations around these topics will be applied, so will a welcoming and adaptable approach that best serves the uniqueness of each teen.  

Teen Pod

Find Your “Pod”portunity

Pods offer an immediate invitation to connect, share, and grow with other teens or parents–and to discover the wonderful truth that no one is alone. We each face trials in through which we experience waves of emotions (from anger to apathy and everything in between). Don’t think of “pod” in relation to a small little chamber where a seed waits to enter the world, or a digital lecture from an app that keeps the conversation one-sided. Instead think of it in relation to groups of whale pods within the ocean. They’re designed to protect, encourage, and positively instruct within a healthy social setting. The conversations are never one-sided, and authentic recognition that teens are already swimming swiftly within the real-world (not waiting to enter it) fuels the conversations.

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