All the food, and then some more food.  

– Desiree Panlilio

I’m gratified that with all the holiday excitement you have found a quiet place to read our blog and reflect on the thoughts I am sharing today. Today I want to focus on the many challenges our teenagers face in their lives. Most will get through the teen years without requiring therapy. However, transitioning to the world of adulthood can be daunting. Teenagers today face many challenges that weren’t around when we were growing up, and the world continues changing at an unprecedented rate. As a parent you may feel ill-equipped to deal with whatever is troubling your teen. Or even how to initiate the conversation with your teen. You may be wondering what can I do to help my teen? You may be wondering whether a teen life coach is worth the investment,let me share a few reasons why a teen life coach is worth the investment.

A Teen Life Coach can help teens identify their strengths. The teen years are a transition from childhood to adulthood and are a good time to discover one’s strengths for the future. Massive changes can cause stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Teen life coaches are an excellent sounding board for teenagers to bounce their ideas off and receive feedback and questions to help your teen develop necessary life tools such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, and creating the pathway to their future.

Teenagers can be emotional, often without knowing the reason why they might be irritable or feeling down. How your teen feels can have a huge impact on performance in school and home life. Teen life coaches understand the issues faced by teenagers and can help them navigate and come up with solutions.

Goal Setting is so important to creating success and building personal responsibility and accountability for our teenagers. This skill will help them throughout their life. A teen often has an idea of what he or she wants out of life but does not know how to plan to get there. If teens learn early on how powerful goal setting can be, it will set them up for success. Good goal setting is used in all the roles your teenager has as a student, athlete, friend, and sibling. This ability to plan moves with your teen into college and life, helping them to create goals and chart their own pathway to success in their chosen career.

Teen Life Coaches Help teens with time management. A Teen who is not doing well on their tests may be struggling with their time management skills and unable to organize their schedule and events. A teen life coach helps your teen sort through their priorities and manage their time. At Encouraging Teens we have created a time management planner that works well in teaching teens how to manage their time which increases responsibility as your teen learns the skill of managing their time and priorities. Our planner helps with time management and is available on Amazon.

Teen life coaches are invested in your teen’s future. The expertise and guidance a teen life coach can deliver in just a few short sessions can help your teen get through challenges they are struggling with and impart valuable skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

You may be thinking this is just what your teen needs to start off next year with all the tools they need to create success.