Teens are explorers, trying to find their compass and direction.   (Desiree Panlilio).


In the journey of teen life, setting goals emerges as a pivotal compass guiding teens through the maze of life changes and choices. The essence lies in the foresight to plan ahead, not just for the immediate future but with a vision that extends into the distance. For teens, this translates to taking it one year at a time, recognizing that as life unfolds, so do preferences, ambitions, and dreams.

This forward-thinking approach acknowledges that plans might evolve – a chosen college or major today may transform into something entirely different tomorrow. And that’s perfectly acceptable, as long as the teen is engaged, evolving, and progressing.

Having a clear endpoint doesn’t guarantee reaching it – especially for teens, whose aspirations may pivot with changing interests. However, not having a defined goal ensures a journey without direction. It’s like sailing without a destination; you may drift, but the shore remains elusive.

This is particularly important for your teen’s academic success. For teens, having a defined goal serves as a motivational anchor for completing homework and striving for academic excellence. The same principle extends to any endeavor they undertake – be it sports, arts, or personal development. Goals act as the driving force that propels them forward with purpose.

Goals become the guiding stars illuminating the path for teens. They provide a framework for decision-making, infuse motivation into daily tasks, and instill a sense of purpose in their endeavors. Goals empower teens to craft their narrative, adapting as needed, yet always moving forward. Your teen is creating their own story and pathway to success. A skill they will constantly be practicing throughout their life.

As a parent it is important to guide our teens through this transformative phase, emphasizing the importance of setting goals. It is important to role model goals setting and creating goals so that your teen understands how goals drive motivation and success. In life, goals serve as threads weaving a coherent story. They offer direction, purpose, and the motivation needed to surmount challenges. For teens, the journey is as important as the destination, and by fostering a goal-oriented mindset, they embark on a path of self-discovery, resilience, and continual growth.