Life is our canvas, initially sketched with a blueprint, then brought to vibrant reality through our diligent craftsmanship. (Desiree Panlilio).


In life, one principle stands firm: all things are created twice. This notion may seem abstract, but when likened to the construction of a building, its significance becomes clear. Just as a structure first exists in the mind of an architect before materializing into blueprints and eventually a building, our aspirations and achievements follow a similar trajectory.

Life is a canvas upon which we sketch our dreams and ambitions before setting them into motion. This concept holds particular relevance for our teenagers, who stand at the threshold of adulthood, poised to carve their own paths. Teaching them the skill of goal setting is providing them with the tools to construct their future with intention and purpose.

Imagine, a student enrolled in Algebra 2. Their initial mental creation is a desire to achieve a specific grade, the internal compass guiding their efforts. Next comes the blueprint: the concrete formulation of goals, outlining the steps necessary to realize their aspiration. Yet, the mere existence of a blueprint does not guarantee success; it is the daily dedication and effort invested in its execution and the steps that brings about tangible results. It is creating the detailed steps and constant evaluation of the goal that makes sure the goal is achieved.

For our teens, the ability to articulate and pursue their goals is more than just a skill; it is a cornerstone of personal integrity. By taking ownership of their aspirations, they learn the value of commitment and perseverance. Each goal achieved becomes a testament to their diligence and determination, reinforcing the belief that they possess the ability to shape their destiny.

Goal setting serves as a compass, guiding our teens through the labyrinth of choices and distractions that are in their path. In a world with competing priorities and numerous temptations, it is easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Armed with clearly defined goals, our teens can remain steadfast in their pursuit of what is important to them, unwavering in their resolve to craft a life aligned with their aspirations.

The process of writing goals may seem daunting at first, creating a blueprint is never easy. Yet, it is a skill worth mastering, for it is a lifelong companion on the journey to success. Whether scaling the peaks of academic achievement or navigating the terrain of personal growth, the ability to set and pursue goals is the compass that steers us toward our desired destination.

All things are created twice, is a profound truth about the nature of achievement. By teaching our teens the art of goal setting, we empower them to become the architects of their own destiny. With each goal they articulate and pursue, they reaffirm their capability and authorship over their lives, one blueprint at a time.